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1889-1890 Flu pandemic

1889-1890 Flu pandemic

1889-1890 Flu pandemic

Total costsN/A
Deaths 1000000


The 1889–1890 pandemic, often referred to as the 'Asiatic flu' or 'Russian flu', killed about 1 million people out of a world population of about 1.5 billion. It was the last great pandemic of the 19th century, and is among the deadliest pandemics in history. The most reported effects of the pandemic took place from October 1889 to December 1890, with recurrences in March to June 1891, November 1891 to June 1892, the northern winter of 1893–1894, and early 1895. Although contemporaries described the pandemic as influenza and twentieth-century scholars identified several influenza strains as the possible pathogen, more recent research suggests that it was caused by human coronavirus OC43.

Source: Wikipedia

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