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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Population 61,792,000
Budget$ 68,000,000,000
Manpower 194000
Aircrafts 693
Fighters 119
Helicopters 235
Attack helicopters 24
Fleet 75
Aircraftcarriers 2
Submarines 10
Nuclear weapons 225


The British Armed Forces (also known as Her Majestys Armed Forces) are responsible for the defense of the United Kingdom and its overseas territories. They are also responsible for defending the UK, its overseas territories and Crown dependencies. Britain has been able to emerge victorious in many conflicts, establishing itself as one the most powerful military and economic countries. The British Armed Forces today include the Royal Navy, a navy that is blue-water and has a fleet of 79 commissioned vessels, as well as the Royal Marines, an amphibious light infantry force and the British Army. The Royal Air Force is a technologically advanced air force that has a wide range of operational aircraft, both fixed-wing and mobile. The British Armed Forces includes standing forces, regular reserve, volunteer reserves, and sponsored reserves. Head of the Armed Forces, the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is the one to whom all members swear allegiance. A long-standing constitutional convention has de facto given the prime minister and secretary of state for defense executive power.

The key decisions regarding the use of the Armed Forces are made by the prime minister, who acts in concert with the Cabinet. The UK Parliament approves that the British Army continues to exist by passing an Armed Forces Act every five years. This is required by Bill of Rights 1689. This act is not required for the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and all other forces. The Defence Council of the Ministry of Defence is responsible for managing the armed forces, which is headed by the secretary of State for defense. The United Kingdom is one the five most recognized nuclear powers. It is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and a founding member and leader of NATO's military alliance. It is also a party to the AUKUS security pact as well as the Five Power Defence Arrangements. Ascension Island is home to garrisons and training centers for overseas troops. They are located in Bahrain, Belize and Bermuda, British Indian Ocean Territory and Brunei.

Source: Wikipedia