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Population 79,814,871
Budget$ 20,000,000,000
Manpower 425000
Aircrafts 1057
Fighters 205
Helicopters 474
Attack helicopters 107
Fleet 156
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 12
Nuclear weapons 0


The Republic of Turkey's military forces are known as the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF, Turkish: Turk Silahli Kuvvetleri or TSK). The General Staff, the Land Forces (Land Forces), the Naval Forces (Naval Forces) and the Air Forces make up the Turkish Armed Forces. General Yasar Guler is the current Chief of General Staff. The Commander of the Armed Forces is the Chief of the General staff. The Commander of the Armed Forces is the Chief of General Staff. In wartime, the Commander-in–Chief for the President is the Chief of General Staff. He represents the Supreme Military Command of TAF on behalf of Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The General Staff is responsible for coordinating the military relations between the TAF and NATO member states as well as friendly states. The formation of the Turkish Armed Forces was the beginning of their history. The Turkish military saw itself as the guardian for Kemalism, the official ideology of the state, and its emphasis on secularism.

Turkey joined NATO in 1952 and began a vast modernization program for its armed force. Turkey sent 14,936 soldiers to the Korean War with South Korea and NATO. A second restructuring was started towards the end of 1980s. The Turkish Armed Forces participate in an EU Battlegroup under the control of the European Council, the Italian-Romanian-Turkish Battlegroup. NATO's Eurocorps multinational army corps initiative, the Eurocorps Multinational Army Corps Initiative of the EU and NATO also has operational support from the TAF. The Turkish Armed Forces are the second-largest standing military force in NATO after the U.S. Armed Forces. They have an estimated strength of 895,000 paramilitary and military personnel in 2021. Turkey is also part of the NATO nuclear sharing policy. The Incirlik Air Base houses 50 U.S.-made B61 nuclear bombs, which is the largest number of these five countries.

Source: Wikipedia