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Population 8,183,800
Budget$ 5,984,000,000
Manpower 24000
Aircrafts 158
Fighters 52
Helicopters 42
Attack helicopters 0
Fleet 0
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 0
Nuclear weapons 0


The Swiss Armed Forces, German: Schweizer Armee, French; Armee suisse. Romansh: Armada svizra. They operate on both land and air and serve as the primary armed force of Switzerland. The country's militia system allows for regular soldiers to make up a small portion of the military, while conscripts and volunteers between the ages of 19 and 34 (and sometimes even 50) are the remainder. The Swiss Armed Forces are neutral and do not participate in conflict in other countries. However, they do take part in international peacekeeping missions. The NATO Partnership for Peace program includes Switzerland. According to the Swiss militia system, soldiers must keep their personal equipment at home, which includes ammunition and any weapons that they have been assigned. All Swiss citizens are required to serve in military service.

Women can choose to volunteer. For military conscription eligibility screening, males typically receive their first orders at 18 years of age. Two-thirds of young Swiss men are deemed suitable for military service. Alternative service is available for those who are not. Each year, around 20,000 people are trained in basic training over 18 weeks. Special forces training takes 23 weeks. The reform Army XXI, which replaced the Army 95, was approved by popular vote in 2003. It reduced manpower from 400,000 personnel to approximately 200,000. 120,000 received periodic military training, while 80,000 reservists have completed all their military training. Another reform, which was implemented in 2018, saw the reduction of force to 100,000 members.

Source: Wikipedia

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