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Population 143,666,931
Budget$ 154,000,000,000
Manpower 850000
Aircrafts 4173
Fighters 772
Helicopters 1543
Attack helicopters 544
Fleet 605
Aircraftcarriers 1
Submarines 70
Nuclear weapons 6257


The Russian Armed Forces are the combined military forces of Russia. They are commonly called the Russian Armed Forces. With at least 2,000,000 reserve personnel, they are the fifth-largest active-duty military force in the world. The branches include the Ground Forces and Navy, Aerospace Forces and the Aerospace Forces. There are also three independent arms: the Strategic Rocket Forces and Airborne Forces and Special Operations Forces. The Russian Armed Forces are part of Russia's defense services. They are controlled by the Security Council of Russia. The Russian Armed Forces are ranked as the second-most powerful military in the world. They have the largest nuclear weapons stockpile, exceeding the United States' arsenal.

They have the second largest fleet of ballistic missile submarines and are the only military (alongside China, the United States) to operate strategic bombers. Russia boasts the largest tank fleet in the world and a strong naval and aerial force. At US$61.7 trillion, Russia was fourth in military spending. Russian law requires that all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 27 must undergo one year of drafting. During the Invasion of Ukraine 2022, there were deficiencies in combat performance on both the tactical and operational scales. Different parts of the military struggled to work together.

Source: Wikipedia