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Population 29,180,899
Budget$ 1,830,000,000
Manpower 95000
Aircrafts 243
Fighters 16
Helicopters 89
Attack helicopters 16
Fleet 63
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 6
Nuclear weapons 0


The Peruvian Armed Forces, also known as Fuerzas Armadas del Peru in Spanish, are Peru's military services. They include independent Army, Navy, and Air Force components. Their primary task is to protect the country's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity from any threat. They also participate in economic, social and civil defense missions. The armed forces of Peru can participate in multilateral operations. However, some of their equipment is old and limited.

Although it is a separate organisation with a completely civil mission, its training over the past two decades as an antiterrorism force has produced military characteristics. It gives the impression of a fourth military service, with significant land, air, and sea capabilities, and around 140,000 personnel. The Ministry of Defense is responsible for the Peruvian Armed Forces, while the Ministry of Interior is responsible for the National Police of Peru.

Source: Wikipedia