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Population 2,113,077
Budget$ 363,800,000
Manpower 12500
Aircrafts 30
Fighters 6
Helicopters 7
Attack helicopters 2
Fleet 8
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 0
Nuclear weapons 0


The Namibian Defence Force (NDF), is the nation's military forces. It was established in 1990, when Namibia, then South West Africa, gained independence. The Constitution of Namibia Chapter 15 establishes the NDF. Its role and purpose is to defend Namibia's territory and national interests. The integration of the South West African Territorial Force and the Peoples Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), a military wing of South West African Peoples Organization, led to the birth of Namibia's military.

British officers created the force integration plan, and started training the NDF. It consists of five battalions as well as a small headquarters. Three months after independence, the United Nations Transitional Assistance Group's Kenyan infantry unit remained in Namibia to support the NDF in training and stabilizing the north. Charles Ho Chi Minh Namoloh and Martin Shalli were part of the negotiations that allowed for the Kenyan infantry unit to remain in Namibia for the duration.

Source: Wikipedia