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Population 5,475,791
Budget$ 3,993,100,000
Manpower 16000
Aircrafts 115
Fighters 33
Helicopters 34
Attack helicopters 0
Fleet 74
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 0
Nuclear weapons 0


Danish Defence (Danish Forsvaret Faroese, Danska verjan Greenlandic Illersuisut), is the unification of the armed forces of Denmark. It is responsible for the defense of Denmark and its constituent self-governing countries Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Denmark. The Defence promotes Denmark's wider interests, supports international peacekeeping efforts, and provides humanitarian aid. The Royal Danish Army is Denmark's main land warfare branch. The Royal Danish Navy is a blue-water navy with 20 commissioned vessels. The Royal Danish Air Force has an operational fleet of fixed-wing and rotating aircraft.

The Home Guard is also part of the Defence. The Danish Defence Law makes the Minister of Defence the Commander of the Danish Defence (through Chief of Defence and Defence Command) or the Danish Home Guard Command (through Home Guard Command). The commanding authority of Defence is de facto the Danish Cabinet. However, it cannot mobilize the Armed Forces for purposes other than strictly defense-oriented without the consent from parliament.

Source: Wikipedia