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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic
Population 10,509,311
Budget$ 3,262,900,000
Manpower 26000
Aircrafts 92
Fighters 12
Helicopters 44
Attack helicopters 15
Fleet 0
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 0
Nuclear weapons 0


The Army of the Czech Republic (Czech Armada Ceske republicy, ACR) is the military service that is responsible for the defense of the Czech Republic, in accordance with international obligations and agreements on collective defense. It also supports peacekeeping, rescue, and humanitarian operations within the country and abroad. The Armed Forces include the General Staff, Land Forces, Air Forces and Support Units. From the late 1940s through 1989, the large Czechoslovak Peoples Army (about 200 000) was one of the pillars that made up the Warsaw Pact.

The Czech Republic has begun a major reorganization and reduction in its armed forces. This was intensified by Czech Republic's accession to NATO on March 12, 1999. The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, also known as ozbrojene sily Ceske republiky in Czech, are the military forces of the Czech Republic. They include the Army of the Czech Republic as well as the Military Office of the President of the Republic (the Castle Guard)

Source: Wikipedia