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Population 44,050,548
Budget$ 8,139,000,000
Manpower 295000
Aircrafts 454
Fighters 17
Helicopters 211
Attack helicopters 0
Fleet 450
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 11
Nuclear weapons 0


The unified armed forces of Colombia are known as the Military Forces of Colombia (Spanish Fuerzas Militares de Colombia). They include the Colombian Army and Navy, as well as the Colombian Air Force. Although technically not part of military operations, the National Police of Colombia is managed and controlled by the Ministry of National Defence. National conscription includes service in the National Police. This makes it both a de facto militia and a military branch. The President of Colombia serves as the military's commander-in-chief and assists in formulating defense policy through the Ministry of National Defence. This Ministry is responsible for day-to-day operations. The roots of the Military Forces of Colombia are in the Army of the Commoners (Ejercito de los Comuneros). This was established on 7 August 1819, before the creation of the current Colombia. It was created to fulfill the demands of the Revolutionary War Against the Spanish Empire.

The victory in the war saw the Army of the Commoners disbanded and the Congress of Angostura established the Gran Colombian Army as a replacement. This was the first branch of military service of the country. The Colombian military was involved in World War II operations and was the only Latin American nation to send troops to Korea War II. Since the Colombian Conflict began, the military of Colombia has been actively involved in combat, counter-insurgency and drug interdiction operations throughout the country's territory. It has recently participated in Operation Ocean Shield, an operation to counter piracy in the Horn of Africa. Colombia's military is third in size in the Western Hemisphere, in terms of active personnel, and has the fourth highest expenditures in the Americas, after the United States Armed Forces of Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Brazilian Armed Forces.

Source: Wikipedia