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Population 35,056,064
Budget$ 23,550,600,000
Manpower 70000
Aircrafts 380
Fighters 63
Helicopters 118
Attack helicopters 0
Fleet 61
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 4
Nuclear weapons 0


Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) (French: Forces armees canadanes; FAC), is Canada's unified military. It includes land, sea and air elements, referred to as Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Royal Canadian Army (RCAF), and Royal Canadian Air Force. The Regular Force and Reserve Force can have personnel. There are four sub-components to the Reserve Force: the Primary Reserve and Supplementary Reserve, Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service and the Canadian Rangers. The National Defence Act makes the Canadian Armed Forces an independent entity from the Department of National Defence, which is the federal government department responsible to administer and formulate defence policy.

It also serves as the civilian support system for Forces. The current authorized strength is 71 500 Regular Force members and 30 000 Reserve Force members. The authorized strength is less than the number of available positions. The monarch Elizabeth II is constitutionally the commander-in-chief for the Canadian Armed Forces. She is represented by the governor General (or administrator). The chief of Defence Staff is the professional head of the organization. He works under the guidance of the minister for national defense and with the support of the Armed Forces Council to manage the operations of Canada's Armed Forces.

Source: Wikipedia