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Population 2,968,586
Budget$ 632,500,000
Manpower 45000
Aircrafts 64
Fighters 4
Helicopters 36
Attack helicopters 20
Fleet 0
Aircraftcarriers 0
Submarines 0
Nuclear weapons 0


The Armed Forces of Armenia (Armenian, Hayastani zinvats owzher; romanized as Hayastani zinvats uzher), also known as the Armenian Army (Armenian, Haykakan banak; romanized Haykakan Banak) is Armenia's national military. It is composed of personnel branches of the General Staff Armenian Armed Forces. These can be broken down into the Ground Forces, Air Force, and Air Defense Forces. Although it was partly formed from the ex-Soviet Army forces stationed within the Armenian SSR, mainly units of 7th Guards Army of Transcaucasian Military District, the history of Armenia's military can be traced back as far as 1918 when the First Republic of Armenia was founded. Armenia is a landlocked nation and has no navy.

Nikol Pashinyan, the Prime Minister of Armenia is the Commander-in-Chief. Vagharshak Halutiunyan is the Minister of Defence and the Chief of Staff is Lieutenant-General Artak Davyan. Military command is still in the control of the General Staff. The Ministry of Defence was responsible for the formation of border guards that patrolled Armenia's borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Russian troops are still monitoring its borders with Iran, Turkey, and other countries. Armenia is a member since 2002 of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Armenia signed a military cooperation agreement with Lebanon on 27/11/15.

Source: Wikipedia