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Cuba / COVID-19
Population 11,451,652
Total Confirmed 1106045
Active 1097516
Total deaths 8529
Total recovered 0
Death rate 0.77 %


Cuba ( (listen); Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkuβa]), officially the Republic of Cuba (Spanish: República de Cuba ), is a nation comprising the island of Cuba as well as Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos. Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean at which the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean meet. It's east of the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico), south of the U.S. state of Florida and the Bahamas, west of Haiti and north of both Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Havana is the largest city and capital; other significant cities include Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey. The region of the Republic of Cuba is 110,860 square kilometers (42,800 sq mi) (109,884 square kilometers (42,426 sq mi) with no territorial waters). The island of Cuba is the largest island in Cuba and in the Caribbean, with an area of 105,006 square km (40,543 sq mi), and the second-most populous after Hispaniola, with over 11 million inhabitants.The land that is now Cuba was inhabited by the Ciboney Taíno people from the 4th millennium BC until Spanish colonization in the 15th century. From the 15th century, it was a colony of Spain until the Spanish--American War of 1898, when Cuba was occupied by the USA and gained nominal independence as a de facto United States protectorate in 1902. As a fragile republic, in 1940 Cuba tried to strengthen its democratic system, but raising political radicalization and social strife culminated in a coup and subsequent dictatorship under Fulgencio Batista in 1952. Open corruption and oppression under Batista's rule led to his ousting in January 1959 from the 26th of July Movement, which later established communist rule under the leadership of Fidel Castro. Since 1965, the country was governed by the Communist Party of Cuba. The nation was a point of contention during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the USA, and a nuclear war nearly broke out during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Cuba is one of a few extant Marxist--Leninist socialist nations, where the role of the vanguard Communist Party is enshrined in the Constitution. Independent observers have accused the Cuban government of numerous human rights abuses, including short-term arbitrary imprisonment.Under Castro, Cuba was involved in a broad range of military and humanitarian actions in Guinea-Bissau, Syria, Angola, Algeria, South Yemen, North Vietnam, Laos, Zaire, Iraq, Libya, Zanzibar, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo-Brazzaville, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Cuba sent more than 400,000 of its citizens to fight in Angola (1975--91) and defeated South Africa's armed forces in traditional warfare between tanks, planes, and artillery. Cuban intervention in Angola contributed to the downfall of the apartheid regime in South Africa.Culturally, Cuba is considered part of Latin America. It's a multiethnic nation whose people, customs and culture derive from diverse origins, including the aboriginal Taíno and Ciboney peoples, the lengthy period of Spanish colonialism, the introduction of African slaves and a close relationship with the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Most the population of Cuba is 51% mulatto (mixed-race Spanish/African), 37% white, 11% black and 1% Chinese.Cuba is a sovereign state and a founding member of the United Nations, the G77, the Non-Aligned Movement, the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, ALBA and Organization of American States. It's currently among the world's only planned economies, and its economy is dominated by the tourism sector as well as the exports of skilled labor, sugar, tobacco, and coffee. According to the Human Development Index, Cuba has high human development and is rated the eighth highest in North America, though 72nd on earth in 2019. Additionally, it ranks highly in certain metrics of federal performance, including healthcare and education. It's the only nation in the world to satisfy the conditions of sustainable development put forth by the WWF.

Source: Wikipedia