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Wells Fargo Plaza

Height: 302m
Location: Houston
Year: 1983
Wells Fargo Plaza

Wells Fargo Plaza

Wells Fargo Plaza

Wells Fargo Plaza

Wells Fargo Plaza




The Wells Fargo Plaza, formerly the Allied Bank Plaza and First Interstate Bank Plaza, is a skyscraper located at 1000 Louisiana Street in Downtown Houston, Texas in the United States.

This building is currently the 20th-tallest Construction in the USA, the second tallest building in Texas and Houston, after Houston's JPMorgan Chase Tower, and the tallest all-glass construction in the Western Hemisphere. It is the tallest building named for Wells Fargo.From street level, the construction is 302.4 meters (992 ft) tall and contains 71 floors. It extends four stories below street level. Only the Wells Fargo Plaza offers direct access from the road to the Houston tunnel system (a set of underground paths linking many of downtown Houston's office towers); differently, entry points are out of street-level stairs, escalators, and elevators located inside buildings that are connected to the tunnel.

Wells Fargo Plaza features a wide variety of fine amenities for its tenants such as The Houstonian Lite Health Club located on the 14th floor. Sky lobbies on the 34/35th and 58/59th floors are publicly accessible and offer views of Downtown Houston. These sky lobbies are served by double-decker elevators and primarily serve as transport floors to local elevators. The entrance of the skyscraper appears in the final scene of 1989 American thriller film Cohen and Tate (also called'Cohen & Tate')

Source: Wikipedia

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