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Sapphire of Istanbul

Height: 248m
Location: Istanbul
Year: 0
Sapphire of Istanbul

Sapphire of Istanbul

Sapphire of Istanbul

Sapphire of Istanbul

Sapphire of Istanbul




Istanbul Sapphire, or Sapphire, is a skyscraper located in the central business district of Levent in Istanbul, Turkey.

It was Istanbul's and Turkey's tallest skyscraper between 2010 and 2016, and the 4th tallest building in Europe when its construction was finished in 2010. Sapphire rises 54 floors above ground level, and contains an above-ground roof height of 238 meters: the construction has an overall structural height of 261 meters including its spire, which is part of the design rather than a radio antenna. Designed by Tabanl?o?lu Architects, it's a luxury and shopping residence mixed-use development managed by Kiler GYO.

It's also the nation's first ecological skyscraper. As of 2020, Istanbul Sapphire is the 4th tallest skyscraper in Istanbul and Turkey, behind Metropol Istanbul Tower 1 (70 flooring / 301 metres including its twin spires) from the Ata?ehir district on the Asian side of the city; and the Skyland Istanbul Towers 1 and 2 (2 x 70 flooring / 293 metres), located adjacent to Türk Telekom Stadium at the Seyrantepe quarter of the Sar?yer district, on the European side.

Source: Wikipedia